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How to gain real-world hospitality experience while studying

Hospitality is a booming industry, with plentiful jobs and many skills transferable from other careers, however employers often lack the time and resources to train staff.

How can you gain practical hospitality experience before you get the job? Industry placement or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is the best way to get real-world experience while you study.

What is Work Integrated Learning (WIL)?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a core component of Le Cordon Bleu study programmes. Supported by the Industry Engagement Team students engage in work placements to consolidate their in-class learning and gain real-world industry experience.

In a Le Cordon Bleu Bachelor’s degree, students undertake two 600-hour placements, scheduled across six-month periods in first and second year. An industry placement is also included in the culinary arts and Master's programmes. WIL gives students an opportunity to apply theory, clarify career pathways and develop qualities and skills needed to transition into their chosen career.

Students are supported by the Le Cordon Bleu Industry Engagement Team during WIL and are encouraged to reflect on their personal and professional growth with a focus on their career aspirations.

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Creating work-ready graduates

WIL provides you with industry-specific experience which can be included in your resume. However, the benefits for your employability go far beyond this.

Le Cordon Bleu has a network of 2100 industry partners, including luxury hotels, leading establishments and international brands. With opportunities to network with Le Cordon Bleu’s industry partners, you can make meaningful career connections and learn from industry's best. After completing your degree, you'll be equipped with the experience you need to be a high-performing, work-ready graduate.


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