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Guest Chef Kemal Demirasal


Last month we were joined by Kemal Demirasal for a Guest Chef event in partnership with the Yunus Emre Institute in London.

Kemal Demirasal is a self-taught and award-winning chef who is known for creating product-driven, authentic menus. He is chef-founder and/or manager in various prestigious brands such as YEK in London and Alacati, Alancha in Alacati and Istanbul, Foxy Potato in London and Barbun in Alacati, each of which has left its mark in gastronomy circles and created their own loyal followings.

Chef Kemal demonstrated how to cook a traditional slow roast lamb tandoori (Kuzu Tandır) and baklava with a modern twist. This event was part of Yunus Emre Institute in London’s long-running project, A Pinch of Anatolia.

You can watch the full demonstration in the video below:

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