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Galette des Rois at Café Le Cordon Bleu


The Galette des Rois or three kings’ cake is served during Epiphany. The season begins on the Twelfth night after Christmas, January 6th, and commemorates the arrival of the three kings to see the baby Jesus.

You can now pre order your Galette des Rois from Café Le Cordon Bleu and CORD Café, and it will be carefully crafted for you by our expert pastry chefs ready for you to collect on a date of your choosing from 4th January 2024, and it is available throughout the month of January. Simply speak to a member of staff at either Café, or email london@cordonbleu.edu.

This cake is made of puff pastry filled with frangipane. Hidden in the frangipane is a little fève - a ceramic biblical figurine. Tradition dictates that whoever finds the fève in their slice is crowned King or Queen for the day, wears a paper crown which is provided with the cake, and gets pampered by their friends for the rest of the day! Hence the name – Galette des Rois – “Cake of Kings”.

The Cafés also provide a range of other delicious celebration cakes for pre order, alongside click and collect options from CORD Café including lunch platters which include gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, verrines and a variety of desserts. Find out more about pre ordering options on the CORD by Le Cordon Bleu website.

You can also see how the Galette des Rois is made in this video from Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef Douglas Bond-Mollitt, and try your hand at making it yourself with our traditional Galette des Rois recipe.

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