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Le Cordon Bleu Madrid takes up its "Off the Menu" program with Juanjo López from La Tasquita de Enfrente

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid takes up its

On September 12th, the community of alumni and current students of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid enjoyed a masterclass that broke the usual format of the classes, where Juanjo López left aside the kitchens to transmit his extensive experience.

Juanjo is a referent in Spanish cuisine and the visible face of La Tasquita de Enfrente, a restaurant with a menu that changes depending on the product available. Together with Nacho Trujillo, with whom he has been working for 14 years, has become a space where quality is evident, and where the capacity for enjoyment becomes an indispensable attribute for everyone who visits it.

During the class, Juanjo shared the special reality of a profession like being a cook with all the attendees. He answered openly all the questions in a relaxed atmosphere, and he also explained his commitment to the product and his peculiar way of understanding the kitchen.

After 25 years, he still maintains the philosophy of "no more than three products", being aware of his limitations and with an adaptive style always based on the product. Lightness, elegance, and simplicity go together throughout the menu.

An interesting master class, held under the Off the Menu program as part of the cycle of complementary training activities for the Institute community.

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