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              Everything you need to know about studying event management

              If you’ve ever been to a three-day music festival, you may have marvelled at how such a huge event comes together. An event management degree will show you how it's done.

              Event management is a sector coming into its own in Australia, with an increasing demand for qualified professionals to run conferences, exhibitions, festivals and everything in between. Studying event management will allow you to become a creative leader in a global industry.

              Graduate work-ready with a degree

              Studying event management at Le Cordon Bleu gives students scope to find a career path that suits them, due to the broad range of skills covered. A degree equips students for a career in international convention and event market, and beyond. Event managers will learn how to apply strategic management principles across a range of areas

              The event management sector is growing

              Event management in Australia is worth AU$3 billion, according to IBISWorld statistics. The industry is booming and in dire need of new talent to keep it going. This demand for qualified individuals means job prospects for event management graduates are extremely positive.

              One of the areas seeing the most growth is the festival market. The festival culture in Australia is extremely popular and covers everything from music to the arts. It's estimated that there is at least one festival every day somewhere in Australia, and attendance rates are more than 10 million people every year. These events represent significant potential income for local towns and as the industry grows, more qualified professionals are needed at the helm.

              The outlook for business conferences in the next five years is also promising and projected to lead to an increase in spending on events and sponsorship. Meanwhile, travel and tourism continues to be one of the strongest industries in Australia, with an increasing number of jobs being created in this field. Both industries are shifting toward staff with higher-level qualifications, so with an event management degree behind you, you'll be poised to take full advantage of this growth.

              Roles under the event management umbrella

              For event management graduates, the opportunities are endless. You can easily combine your management expertise with your core interests to shape your career in any way you choose.

              Working in event management can take many forms. You could work in the business sector, planning meetings, conventions and exhibitions. You could try your hand at product launches and other business-related events. Or you could find yourself planning weddings and making dreams come true!

              How Le Cordon Bleu can help you

              Our Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management covers everything you need to become a professional event manager. The skills you gain from this course will set you up to understand event briefs, achieve business objectives and organise superb corporate events.

              Contact Le Cordon Bleu to find out how to enter the exciting world of event management.