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On 19 February 2015, Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School was honored to have Dr. Patrick B. Durst-Senior Forestry Officer, FAO Regional Office of Asia and the Pacific, Dr. Alan Yen-Assoc. Prof. at Latrobe University Australia, Ms. Afton Hollaran-PhD Candidate, GREEiNSECT University of Copenhagen Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports who all came together to give a variety of fascinating presentations on entomophagy; the practice of eating insects, different varieties and species of insects, and their nutritional profiles. The event was very well attended and reported all over the world on on-line media.

After the presentations, LCBD students and the other participants enjoyed insect cooking demonstrations by Chef Roberto Flore-Head Chef, Nordic Food Lab, Copenhagen as well as LCBD Chefs who had agreed to create insect based dishes. All our guests tasted and enjoyed the samples provided by Chef Roberto and our LCBD Chef team. It was a memorable experience for everyone.

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