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Early Bird Premium

Apply early to receive the special class designed to enhance your skills other than the classic cycle courses. Bring your skills to higher level with professional techniques.

Now is the special chance for our Diploma applicants who applied before February 28th 2017 to receive our special classes as a present!

All applicants who applied for 2017 Diploma classes from Spring term are entitle for this special promotion. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Early Bird Campaign

Early Bird Campaign

December 10th 2016 ~ February 28th 2017

Applicants who applied during the above promotional period for any Diploma courses and complete full tuition fee payments are entitled.
※Applicants for Diploma courses in 2017 from Spring term.

Early Bird Reward:
1. [Professional Series - Workshop] – Special class design to strengthen techniques. (1 class)
2. [Master Class] - Le Cordon Bleu Japan chef demonstrates special techniques to enhance the skill set base upon classic cycle program. (1 class)
※The student can take both of the above classes. Depending on the schedule of classes, other optional classes may be provided.




Grand Diplôme

Cuisine Diplôme

Pastry Diplôme

Bakery Diplôme


Advent Day Three: Sausage Rolls

Advent Day Three: Sausage Rolls

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Christmas with Le Cordon Bleu 2023

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