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Demet Güzey

Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste alumna

Demet Güzey attended Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste programme (HEG) in 2014. She looks back at this fantastic experience and tells us what it brought her.

‘Someone once said to me: “When you have your first octopus at its tender best you will know it. It’s a revelation.” Attending Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste was such a revelation to me, a surprising disclosure of a previously unknown knowledge and sensation.

I discovered that the art and science of eating can co-exist at a high level and offer a fulfilling career path.

I attended Le Cordon Bleu Advanced Studies in Taste in 2014 while transitioning from managerial roles in the food industry to a profession I had yet to define. The HEG programme was artfully designed, professionally executed and unveiled new ways to look at food and taste. During a class on bubble dynamics of champagne, between a winery visit and a starred restaurant dinner, the realization thrilled me: this was my first tender octopus moment.

Since then I have been working to create unique gastronomic learning experiences for others. I run culinary workshops and writing retreats with world-class collaborators in Italy, I have authored the book Food on Foot, published various articles on food history and travel, and just recently submitted my second book for publication: Mustard: A Global History. I am very fortunate to teach at the university and give master classes on food culture, food and wine business, and food and wine writing.

My revelation at the HEG fuels me with inspiration, motivation and energy still today.

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