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Christmas Recipe - Cod confit in sous vide


Christmas wouldn´t be Christmas without Cod, right? Therefore, bellow you can find the recipe for our version of cod confit sous vide by Chef João Paulo Frankenfeld!



Cod confited in sous vide

Unsalted Cod 200 grs

Olive oil 100 ml

Garlic 1 Un

Thyme Fresh to taste

Basil to taste

Black Pepper to taste

Fresh Black Olives 250 gr

Potatos 300 grs

Onion 1 Un


Cook the unsalted cod immersed in the olive oil at 70 degrees in the oven until the it begins to loosen (around 15min-20min).

Season with fresh thyme, basil, onion, garlic and black pepper.

Serve with potatoes already cooked (in water and salt), chopped onions "émincer"  style and parsley.

To taste, you can add black olives and voilà!

                                                                                     Bon Appétit!