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The German edition of “Chocolat” by Le Cordon Bleu has been nominated for German cookbook of the year

SchokoladeThe prestigious German Cookbook Prize “Der Deutsche Kochbuchpreis”, hosted by the culinary literature hub Kaisergranat, is set to recognize the finest German-language cookbooks of the year. The award, bestowed upon outstanding culinary literary achievements, considers all German-language cookbooks published between November the 1st of the previous year and October the 31st of the award year.

Nominations for the German Cookbook Prize are meticulously curated based on critiques from Kaisergranat, categorized by theme and rating. The primary criteria for nominations are the quality and substantive content of the books. A book's decisive factor for placement in a specific category is its significance in terms of content, ensuring that the content and recipes align with the book's designated subject.

The esteemed jury for the German Cookbook Prize is comprised of 43 experts who have mastered contemporary cuisine. Each jury member independently rates every book on a scale from 0 to 10 points. The German edition of “Chocolat” by Le Cordon Bleu has been nominated in dessert and patisserie categories.

The German Cookbook Prize will be presented on November 21st 2023, at Hobenköök in the Oberhafen district of Hamburg. The evening's program will feature engaging discussions with acclaimed cookbook authors, award winners, and a multi-course menu showcasing dishes from the nominated cookbooks. Culinary enthusiasts can anticipate an immersive experience celebrating the richness of German-language culinary literature.

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