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Chefs' Pledge Survey Results


We are pleased to announce that the results of the Chefs' Pledge survey have now been revealed and participants have determined which actions from the Chefs' Manifesto Action Plan would enact the most change for the transformation of food systems.

The survey was sent to culinary professionals around the world with the purpose of learning what the top practical actions are that chefs can take to actively engage in transforming food systems for the better. Over 50 countries were represented including, but not limited to; India, the Philippines, Ghana, Slovakia, South Africa, Colombia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Kenya and Switzerland.

The topics for each question in the survey were taken from the Chefs' Manifesto Action Plan, which synthesises the United Nations Global Goals into eight thematic areas, as follows;

  1. Ingredients grown with respect for the earth and its oceans
  2. Protection of biodiversity and improving animal welfare
  3. Investment in Livelihoods
  4. Value natural resources and reduce waste
  5. Celebration of seasonal and local foods
  6. A focus on plant-based ingredients
  7. Education on food safety & healthy diets
  8. Nutritious food that is accessible & affordable for all

From these eight areas, chefs have created simple actions to provide a practical guide that they can use to deliver change through their kitchens, classrooms and communities. These actions have now been refined thanks to the survey, clarifying the key actions that chefs feel will make the most impact.

The Chefs' Pledge is facilitated by the Chefs' Manifesto, in support of the United Nations Food Systems Summit, in partnership with the World Association of Chefs' Societies, Chefs 4 The Planet, Social Gastronomy, The Chef Ann Foundation, Good Food Fund China and Le Cordon Bleu.

You can view the survey results on the SDG2 Advocacy Hub website.

Illustration is credited to Chefs' Manifesto.

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