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Cacao Barry Pastry and Bouchées Demo with Chef Nicolas Jordan MOF

Chef Nicolas Jordan MOF Cacao Barry

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Pastry Chef instructor, Nicolas Jordan, MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) - featured a pastry and bouchées demonstration with the world chocolate masters’ Cacao Barry yesterday. Unlocking the sensorial richness of cacao to a room full of guests and students.

Chef Nicolas demonstrated his precise artistic techniques, presenting a delicate La Nymphea, which means Water Lilies in English, and an exquisite chocolate Délice D’Haïti Acidulé.

La Nymphea Chef Nicolas Jordan

The Pastry and bouchées demo consisted of some of Cacao Barry’s finest products including:  Zéphyr™ a soft and subtly sweet white chocolate, Alunga™  chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, Pistachio Paste gently roasted to perfection, Haïti a dark couverture chocolate with the lingering taste of citrus fruits and mango.

Cacao Barry Chef Nicolas Jordan MOF

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