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Give your loved ones a special treat with our gift vouchers 

Give your loved ones the chance to discover the art of pastry, wine and more. Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute and Le Cordon Bleu Paris - Hôtel de la Marine provide a range of gift vouchers to suit all tastes and levels, perfect for cuisine enthusiasts, those with a passion for gastronomy, or simply those looking for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Le Cordon Bleu gift vouchers: A wide range of workshops available 

A gift voucher will enable all cuisine enthusiasts to develop their skills in the area of their choice, or to discover the culinary world, under the guidance of leading Chefs in their kitchens. Here's an overview of the different gift voucher options available:

Pastry Workshops 

 Our pastry workshops will not only give you the chance to make the dishes created by our Chefs, but also to taste them at the end of your workshop! Whether you want to learn the basics of French pastry or master more advanced techniques, these classes provide a hands-on, gourmet experience.


Cuisine Workshops

Our cuisine workshops cover a variety of cuisines and techniques, from traditional French cuisine to world cuisines. Participants will learn how to prepare tasty dishes while gaining key culinary skills. A vegetarian cuisine workshop is also available.

Wine workshops at Le Cordon Bleu Paris - Hôtel de la Marine

Perfect for wine enthusiasts, these wine workshops will help you discover the secrets of food and wine pairing. Guided by experts, participants will learn how to discover the subtleties of different vintages and pair them with equally delicious dishes.

Culinary Experiences

These unique experiences combine cuisine classes with exclusive tastings. Participants begin by taking part in a cuisine workshop and then enjoy a dinner made by Le Cordon Bleu Chefs, providing a comprehensive experience from the beginning to the end with outstanding service.

Treat your loved ones or colleagues to a unique experience with Le Cordon Paris gift vouchers.