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Conference: Jacques Attali

Histoires dE L'Alimentation

Paris, 6 September 2019 – Le Cordon Bleu Paris was delighted to welcome Mr. Jacques Attali for a conference to mark the publication of his latest book Histoires de l’Alimentation. At the end of the conference, he was awarded an Honorary Diploma from the Institute by Le Cordon Bleu President, Mr. André Cointreau.

Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide range of training programmes, taught by leading Chefs with prestigious backgrounds, and today comprises a vast international network, found in 20 countries with 35 institutes and within the region of 18 university partners. Le Cordon Bleu works hand in hand with experts, academics, and professionals from the hospitality and tourism sectors who give unique conferences, increasing our students’ understanding.

It was, therefore, quite natural for Mr. Jacques Attali to come and interact with our students and Chef Instructors on Wednesday 4 September. He shared his thoughts on food and emphasized the important role played by food in the evolution of the world.

The Chefs of the future have a key role to play in the issue of diet. By creating renewed interest, you are helping meals to return to their rightful place at the very heart of an individual’s life. Food will then regain its historical role: a pretext for conversation and a means of creating social ties.
Jacques Attali

He also called for a profound change in eating habits, demonstrating that diet impacts the social, political, cultural and health issues on which the safeguarding of our planet depends. A point of view shared by Le Cordon Bleu institute’s Chef Instructors, who help raise students’ awareness of the importance of healthy, accountable cuisine, founded on choosing quality ingredients which are in harmony with the seasons.

“We recently moved to a new Parisian campus and have constantly evolved. We currently offer a wide and varied range of training programmes in the fields of gastronomy, wine, hospitality and tourism, from initiation in cuisine, pastry and boulangerie culinary techniques, through to Masters. We are committed to training our students in the realities and evolutions with which the contemporary world is faced. They are the Chefs of the future and, as such, those who will be able to carry the torch for healthy, tasty and sustainable cuisine, around the globe.” stated Chef Éric Briffard, One of the Best Craftsmen in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France - MOF), Culinary Arts Director and Head of Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute.

This event perfectly reflects the determination of Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute to encourage the Chefs and managers of the future to work towards promoting cuisine which is ever more demanding in terms of nutritional quality and respect for the environment. The Charter of Commitment to Quality Seasonality, which was signed by the Institute in partnership with the Collège Culinaire de France (Culinary College of France) in June 2018, clearly demonstrates this desire. The Parisian Institute is also home to one of the largest permaculture vegetable roof gardens in the capital. An outstanding educational tool, it enables students to be taught the various stages of fruit, vegetable and aromatic plant cultivation and learn about product seasonality. Students are also given an introduction to beekeeping, thanks to the beehives which provide the Institute with honey.

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