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Alumnus Vaibhav Vishen Masterclass

Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business Alumni
Executive Chef at Aston Norwood

Left: Vaibhav in action during the masterclass
Right: Pistachio and Fennel Crusted Duck Breast, Duck Liver and Apple Parfait, Guava Jus and Button Mushrooms

Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Alumnus Vaibhav Vishen, currently the Executive Chef at Aston Norwood in Wellington and co-owner of The Basement Bar and Restaurant at the Mercure hotel in Auckland, recently held a Masterclass event presenting the "Pistachio and Fennel Crusted Duck Breast, Duck Liver and Apple Parfait, Guava Jus and Button Mushrooms " recipe which is featured in Le Cordon Bleu's newest cookbook "A Culinary Journey".

A Culinary Journey Book - 70 Le Cordon Bleu Alumni recipes from around the world

To celebrate 125 years of excellence in teaching, Le Cordon Bleu reached out to alumni including Vaibhav to propose a voyage of unique tastes and flavours. Mixing the great classics of French gastronomy and international cuisine, this collection of 70 recipes offers a glimpse of Le Cordon Bleu alumni’s savoir-faire and their exemplary career paths.

This limited edition is an invitation to take on new culinary challenges coming to you from the four corners of the world. Whether you are a professional chef or simply passionate about food, join us on a journey where you can try something new and discover a world of taste with Le Cordon Bleu alumni.

Contact us to purchase your copy of the "A Culinary Journey".

Alumnus Vaibhav Vishen

Alumnus Vaibhav Vishen originally comes from a computer science background, an environment that most of us assume to be very different from being in a kitchen. He believes that his approach towards problem-solving, kitchen management and recipe development has been influenced greatly by his past experiences and refined education from Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand. You can learn more about his Culinary Journey in the link below.