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A Sweet Note: Let's Whisk, India!

Chef Arusha Relan - Let's Whisk, India

I have to make a difference.
- Chef Arusha Relan

After years of developing her patisserie and business expertise, Chef Arusha Relan has found success in her passion for flavour infusions through her dessert shop, Let’s Whisk in Surat, India.

Following the two-year celebration of Let’s Whisk’s launch, India has been hit with it’s second wave of the pandemic. Although times have been tough for many businesses, Chef Arusha has still managed to find a place in the market for her specialty desserts and continues to adapt with the demand.

Gathering the ingredients for success

Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne Alumni, Chef Arusha began her culinary journey by studying a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and further graduating from the world famous School of Culinary Arts & Sciences, Le Cordon Bleu Australia with a Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie).

“Australia was amazing. The city of Melbourne, the experience, the Le Cordon Bleu faculties, the studies and everyone I met. I was recently in touch with Chef Sebastian as I think he came for business in Bombay and we met up. So you’re not just passed out from the college and then no more connections and that’s it. The chefs are so kind” she explains.

Following her experience at Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces in India, Hilton Hotels & Resorts in New Zealand and the Marriott International in America, Chef Arusha began to develop her signature style by starting as a home chef. With the intention to open her own café, she began with her own stand at an exhibition to enter the market and get to know her customers and the demand. As there were so many unqualified individuals in the market making cakes, Chef Arusha immediately stood out with her professional experience, education and passion to adapt a unique menu.

“I didn’t want to get into the market without having a name or anything, so I made sure that when I entered the market I was not just “there”. I have to make a difference. We have many unqualified cake artists, but we don’t have people who are leaders of desserts. That’s how I started and customised”.

Let's Whisk

Bridging the social distance with sweets

After much research and building presence in the market, Chef Arusha opened Let’s Whisk, crafting gourmet ice creams, exclusive desserts, macarons, cakes and all things sweet. The menu focuses on creative infusions and seasonal specials, catering to popular desserts, Indian flavours and pure vegetarian delights, as well as new flavours with a personalised touch.

“We maintain our quality, that’s what sets us apart. We are very much into personalising and not doing bulk orders. I do not make items to just sit on the shelves and you can only choose what is there, I go off menu and go to the next level to make custom items possible for my customers”.

With the shop closed due to the pandemic, Let’s Whisk has catered to the demand for orders through deliveries, as well as developing platters as a gift to loved ones who are affected by the virus or lockdown. In support of the expansion and excitement around Chef Arusha’s creations, Let’s Whisk has grown to sell merchandise and has developed a strong, ever-changing seasonal menu.

“When you have a meal, there are plenty of courses and plenty of food. But dessert is the one thing where you have just one last sweet dish. We have to make sure we get it right so you end on a sweet note” says Chef Arusha.

Let's Whisk


From humble beginnings, Let’s Whisk continues to grow and certainly ends (or begins) any occasion on a sweet note.

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