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Why Kobe?

Kobe is a picturesque coastal city that has long been absorbing aspects of foreign cultures and reinterpreting them as its own. It was one of the first places European food culture took root in Japan. Le Cordon Bleu’s concept of food as a lifestyle, “l’art de vivre” (literally, the art of living), is well captured in the many superb bakeries, pastry shops, and French restaurants of Kobe. The city’s receptiveness to foreign cultures has transformed its culinary scene to be one adept at authentic with a twist. An international yet quaint city of tradition and modernity, Kobe is truly a city of cultural fusion like none other in Japan.

Kobe campus is located in upscale Kyukyoryuichi. Kyukyoryuichi is part of the old town of Kobe, where luxury brand name boutiques and long-standing department stores occupy beautifully repurposed historical buildings. Not far are numerous historically significant sights such as Ikuta Shrine (one of the oldest in Japan), Arima hot springs (favoured by Toyotomi Hideyoshi), and Kansai’s historic sake-brewing region of Nada.


Le Cordon Bleu has been helping passionate students follow their culinary dreams over the last 120 years.
Students come to Le Cordon Bleu from all walks of life. They are beginners enthusiastic about the culinary arts but utterly inexperienced; they are far along on one career path and ready for the next; they are established professionals seeking to improve themselves. Regardless of their ultimate goal – to run a restaurant or catering company, hotel or retail management, journalism, consulting, food styling – the students of Le Cordon Bleu come for the culinary education that will allow them to succeed.

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School Open-house and Private Consultation

Le Cordon Bleu offers trial experiences such as actual classwork, orientation fairs, and private consultation for prospective students. Orientation fairs are open-houses held at the school where prospective students are provided detailed descriptions of courses and facilities, and small group tours of demonstration and practical classes (cuisine, pastry or bakery). Please apply to attend a fair using the contact form of the campus of your choice.

*Please note that the contents of orientation fairs and practical experience events are subject to change without prior notice.


The chefs of Le Cordon Bleu are world-class professionals with experience in first-rate hotel kitchens and Michelin-starred restaurants or patisseries. These select chefs are not only technically skilled, but are also capable of adeptly explaining the theory behind their techniques to students. Following Le Cordon Bleu’s philosophy of excellence, students will learn from our dynamic chefs the sensitivity, boldness, passion, and confidence to become professionals in their craft.

The chef-instructor team at the schools in Japan include Japanese chefs and pâtissiers. These talented chefs have had rich experiences in France, but retain their Japanese style in their work, and are perfect chefs from which students can learn how French technique can combine with Japanese culinary culture. Special instructors are also regularly invited for our academic programmes that allow students to experience more niche or specialized areas of French cuisine and culture.

Current Students

Students from all over the world come to Le Cordon Bleu Japan with their own unique goals and dreams. Let’s take a glimpse into their school life to discover what they’ve experienced, learned, and struggled with as they work hard towards achieving them.

Alumni Stories

Discover “food” and change your future.
Those who come out of Le Cordon Bleu do not only become chefs.Striving toward their individual dreams and goals, the occupations of our graduates span a wide range.We can see that the “food industry” can involve a great many things by taking a look at our many graduates. These individuals have all studied at Le Cordon Bleu and these are their stories.

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