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Tokyo School Guest Chef
Wagashi Practical Class


Hikoyuki Yamaguchi, owner chef of 130 Year Old Famous Wagashi shop leads special Wagashi Practical Class

Introduction to Jo-Namagashi (Nerikiri)

Traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) have gained popularity on the world stage due to their unique tastes, exquisite beauty and craftsmanship linked to seasonality and festive traditions.

This special wagashi practical class will introduce students to nerikiri which is a type of high quality namagashi (wet confectionary), made from white bean paste bound with tsukuneimo or gyuhi and other ingredients. Nerikiri is renowned for its beauty and variety of color and shape to match the seasons. In this class, students will learn some of the basic cutting, shaping and coloring techniques as they design two original nerikiri showpieces packaged in a mini display case to take home and enjoy.

Also included in this class, will be opportunity to learn about the etiquette for eating wagashi.

This special practical class is certainly a unique Japanese confectionary and cultural experience not to be missed!

Guest Master Chef : Hikoyuki YAMAGUCHI

Chef Hikoaki Yamaguchi is from 'KUYA' a famous Wagashi house founded in 1884. Spanning 5 generations and 130 years, “Kuya” has become one of the most popular Wagashi houses in Japan.

Hikoaki graduated from Keio University and entered a major food company for three years in order to understand the food business. He joined Kuya in 2006 and strived to improve through disciplined training in the art of Anko manufacturing. In 2011 he founded his own Wagashi brand “SORAIRO” as an extension of the Kuya House. He is one of the youngest leaders in the world of Wagashi, and aims to present present the highest grade of Anko art and its production through this special class.

“NERIKIRI” Workshop

Tokyo  8/17 Monday

  • 16:00~19:00(Japanese/Chinese)

Tokyo  8/21 Friday

  • 16:00~19:00(Japanese/English)

Price: 9500yen