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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We realize that you may have questions and we hope that the questions outlined below, will help address your concerns/doubts. Select the relevant categories and browse the questions within them. You may also use the "Filter" for a quick search; just type in the keyword/phrase related to your question.

If there additional inquiries, we would love to be of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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Tuition Payment
If I decide to do the Diploma or Grand Diploma – is there some kind of discount?
Is there any extra cost I have to pay after course commenced aside from the course fee?
What makes your program different from other schools offering culinary programs?
Are Le Cordon Bleu Certificates and Diploma recognized internationally?
I am a high school student having passion in cooking. Can I apply for classic cycle program?
Is there any language requirement for admissions if the course is conducted in French?
I haven't learnt cuisine or pastry before. Should I take any pre-requisite before entering Le Cordon Bleu?
I already have few years of experience in the kitchen. Can I take places as from Intermediate level?
When is the registration deadline or how far in advance should I apply?
I'd like to take courses on Saturday. Are any courses held on Saturday for office workers?
Can I join the current student’s class for experiencing before I make a final decision?
I took basic level in Paris campus and should I buy uniforms and tool kit again when transferring?
If I complete whole courses, can I apply for internship program?
What kinds of job are available after completing your culinary arts program?
I am more interested in bakery rather than pastry. Are pastry and bakery classes are separate?
I am not sure if I want to do the whole Diploma program, what should I do?
I wish to have counseling in details as well as looking at the facilities before I make a decision.
Korea school offers the 4 levels for cuisine program so what is the difference to other Le Cordon Bleu schools?
How each class or module is comprised?
Do I have to take places from Basic to Superior at once?
I believe Paris school may offer the comprehensive curriculum rather than in Korea, is it true?
Can I take Intermediate level at other Le Cordon Bleu schools after my Basic level in Korea?