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Le Cordon Bleu’s name (blue ribbon in French) and logo are a direct reference to the French order of knights founded in 1578 of the Holy Spirit or else known as Chevaliers du Saint Esprit, whose members wore a medal suspended on a blue ribbon. The feast that followed the Knighting ceremonies had a reputation for being very grand, and the food spectacular. Le Cordon Bleu school’s prestige in Paris in the early 20th century contributed to the expression of being a “Cordon Bleu”, meaning a talented chef. As Philéas Gilbert wrote in La revue culinaire in 1939,the lessons at Le Cordon Bleu symbolise culinary talent pushed towards utter perfection.

It all began in 1895, when journalist Marthe Distel founded the first weekly culinary magazine of the period, La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu. The magazine had 20,000 subscribers!

Marthe Distel rapidly came up with the idea of inviting subscribers to take part in free cuisine lessons, with Chefs demonstrating recipes. The magazine reflected the great French bourgeois cuisine of that era but also demonstrated an openness to world cuisines as it was published in several languages.

The first cuisine lessons were taught at Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris from 15th October 1895, and the international reputation of Le Cordon Bleu spread so rapidly that by 1927 the Daily Mail of London referred to the Cordon Bleu as a “Babel of Nationalities.”

1895 - French journalist Marthe Distel launches a culinary magazine entitled “La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu” in Paris. In October, subscribers are invited to the first Le Cordon Bleu cuisine lessons.

1897 - Le Cordon Bleu Paris welcomes its first Russian student.

1905 - Le Cordon Bleu Paris trains its first Japanese student.

1914 - Le Cordon Bleu has four schools in Paris.

1927 - The daily newspaper The London Daily Mail writes about a visit to Le Cordon Bleu Paris: “It is not unusual to see eight different nationalities in each class”.

1931 - Rosemary Hume and Dione Lucas, trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris under the supervision of Chef Henri-Paul Pellaprat, open l’école du Petit Cordon Bleu and the Au Petit Cordon Bleu restaurant in London.

1942 - Dione Lucas opens a Le Cordon Bleu school and restaurant in New York. She is also the author of the best-seller The Cordon Bleu Cook Book and becomes the first woman to ever host a television cuisine show in the United States.

1948 - Le Cordon Bleu receives Pentagon accreditation for providing professional training to young American soldiers following their period of service in Europe. Julia Child, former member of the Office of Strategic Services, begins training at the Le Cordon Bleu Paris school.

1953 - Le Cordon Bleu London creates the Coronation Chicken, recipe served at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation dinner.

1954 - The success of the film Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn in the title role, contributes to the increasing fame of Le Cordon Bleu.

1984 - The Cointreau family, descendants of the founding families of the Rémy Martin and Cointreau liquor brands, takes over the presidency of the Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute from Elizabeth Brassart, who had been director since 1945.

1988 - Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa opens, as the first campus outside of Europe.

1991 - Le Cordon Bleu Japan opens its doors in Tokyo and then in Kobe. The institute is known as “Little France in Japan”.

1995 - Le Cordon Bleu celebrates its 100th anniversary.

1996 - Le Cordon Bleu opens in Sydney, Australia, following a request from the New South Wales government, and trains chefs in preparation for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

2003 - The Le Cordon Bleu Peru institute expands and becomes the country’s leading culinary institute.

2006 - Le Cordon Bleu Thailand launches in partnership with Dusit International.

2009 - Le Cordon Bleu institutes worldwide take part in the launch of the film Julie & Julia, with Meryl Streep in the role of Le Cordon Bleu Paris alumna Julia Child.

2011 - Le Cordon Bleu Madrid opens its doors in partnership with Francisco de Vitoria University. Le Cordon Bleu launches its first online programme in Australia.

2012 - Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia launches in partnership with Sunway University College, and Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand opens in Wellington.

2013 - Le Cordon Bleu Thailand is awarded the prize for Best Culinary School in Asia.

2015 - Le Cordon Bleu institutes worldwide celebrate its 120th anniversary.

2016 - Le Cordon Bleu Paris relocates to the banks of the Seine, building a breathtaking, innovative and eco-friendly institute.

2018 - Le Cordon Bleu Brazil opens campuses in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Le Cordon Bleu Paris partners with University Paris-Dauphine for its Bachelors. Le Cordon Bleu in Peru reaches University status.

2019 - Opening of Le Cordon Bleu in the Philippines, in partnership with University Ateneo de Manila. Le Cordon Bleu in Thailand moves to a new state of the art campus in central Bangkok.

2020 - Le Cordon Bleu celebrates 125 years in education and opens Signatures restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Le Cordon Bleu launches certified Online Higher Education Programmes.

2022 - Le Cordon Bleu is chosen by the French Ministry of Culture to provide culinary workshops and conferences at iconic Hôtel de la Marine, Place de la Concorde in Paris. Le Cordon Bleu opens CORD restaurant in London.

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