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Student & Alumni Testimonials

The international reputation of Le Cordon Bleu attracts students from around Australia and countries as diverse as Korea, Taiwan, United States, France, Ireland, UK, India, Canada, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei, South America, Middle East, Thailand...

The profile of students studying the specialist undergraduate and postgraduate awards represents a maturity of the industry and the burgeoning of opportunities for those who want more than just to work in the hotel sector.

King Heng (Jody) Chu, Hong Kong
Hitesh Doultani  

Housekeeping Team Leader of Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa, Australia
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management)

"Initially I was in doubt as I’m not sure what qualifications and skills I should attain to achieve my career path and to remain employable in the competitive environment, I’m aware that I need to find an opportunity to develop my professional skills and to expand my prosperities. So, I decided to apply for the Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management) at Le Cordon Bleu (LCB). The course at LCB provided the opportunity to upgrade my academic and knowledge, as well as accumulated valuable work experience for me in Australia.

During the year of industry placement, I had made significant achievements not just in work but also in my life. Although, the course was full of challenge, I had learnt how to see every challenge as an opportunity for my personal growth and development. My role at work has also changed as my responsibilities and duties have enhanced. My graduation at LCB make my dream came true and this graduation means a lot to me as I studied and worked really hard with much support from my family.

I would recommend Le Cordon Bleu to everyone because they help student to becom a star with their internationally recognised and accepted qualification and placement program."

Hitesh Doultani, India
Hitesh Doultani  

Owner of DIVA, India
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

"The knowledge and experience I gained while studying at Le Cordon Bleu has really given me an edge here on the professional front. And so far, there's no looking back!"

Sarah Gibbons, Australia
Sarah Gibbons  

Current Student, Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism

"The Master of Gastronomic Tourism provides a unique learning environment that is quite different to traditional on-campus study environments. The online delivery encourages the development of relationships between students' and lecturers' and the small cohort allows for more intimate discussion and accessible interaction."

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Steve Tan, Singapore
Steve Tan  

Assistant Front Office Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management)

"Le Cordon Bleu's strong reputation and strong networks from the Industry Placement office has helped me opened up doors upon my completion of degree."

I have always known that I wanted to be in the hospitality industry. Being in a world renowned company at The Shangri-La for Industry Placement had solidified my decision to pursue a career in hotel management."

Kedar Bhale, India
Kedar Bhale  

Assistant Manager at Crowne Plaza Darwin
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management)

"Experiences in our industry are endless as we all know. I think this is how I reached this stage today and I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Le Cordon Bleu. I don't think this would have been possible without the knowledge from all the faculties, support and guidance from Professional Industry Placement [Department] and the entire team at Le Cordon Bleu, Adelaide."

Mark Camilleri, Malta
Mark Camilleri  

Owner of Fifth Flavour
Alumnus, Le Cordon Bleu Master of Arts (Gastronomy)

"I am very proud of this achievement so soon after I graduated. Le Cordon Bleu is an established and reputable institution with the highest standards in the industry. After graduating I am glad that I have found a way to realise my potential and establish a company that is already achieving new heights in food quality and service."

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Aditya Tjandra, Indonesia
Aditya Tjandra  

Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management)

"Studying at Le Cordon Bleu is a new experience for me. It is such a fun and challenging course. The teachers are professional and friendly and the best thing about Le Cordon Bleu is they have a very wide connection with major properties around the world. Therefore students have great opportunities to begin their career in the hospitality industry."

Carly Tippler , New Zealand
Carly Tippler  

Owner of Claire Street Cookies
Graduated with DUX Award
Alumna, Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant and Catering Management)

"My time at Le Cordon Bleu has been a very rewarding and defining three years of my life. When I came to Australia to undertake my degree with LCB, I had no idea of the challenges and experiences to be had and the friendships and business contacts to be made. I learnt so many things in so many fields I had never even known existed within the umbrella of the hospitality industry. Every new semester opened up a whole new potential career path for when I finished. It was with great pride that I accepted the Dux award at graduation. This made all of the hard work worthwhile and further cemented my aim to pursue all of these new found careers until I find the perfect one! Now that I have graduated, I look forward to putting my knowledge into practice. I still dream of one day owning my own boutique catering company but will not stop exploring all aspects of the industry until I am sure that this is still my favourite!""

Justina S Harjono, Jakarta
Justina S Harjono  

Owner of Poste
Alumna, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management)

"I wanted to study art at the beginning but then later found out that my passion is in the Hospitality industry where I can specialised to study food and beverage. I completed my study in Cuisine and Hotel Management at Le Cordon Bleu London and Australia. I am now running my own restaurant, Poste. I created the menu, trained the chef and designed the interior of the restaurant so to create a cozy ambience where people can relax and enjoy great dishes. Studying at Le Cordon Bleu was a great choice as it provided me with the knowledge needed to work in the industry and the internship opportunity given during studying was one of the best aspect of the curriculum."

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Wanlin Nicole Sim, Singapore
Wanlin Nicole Sim  

The Ritz-Carlton - Singapore
Alumna, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

"Courses at Le Cordon Bleu are a lot less dull and involve much more practical experiences which I enjoyed. Also, they appeared to be more applicable to the 'real world' especially with the industry placements, where much more is learnt. More importantly, since students and lecturers from Le Cordon Bleu are from such diverse backgrounds, it has been interesting getting to know and work with each other."

You Jin Shin, Korea
You Jin Shin  

Alumna, Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant and Catering Management)

"Le Cordon Bleu has taught me a variety of skills from studying Patisserie at the Sydney campus and hospitality management from the Adelaide school. I have used this knowledge to develop my own business (JIN Patisserie). I am very thankful to Le Cordon Bleu and the future it has helped me to create."

Wei Hong Chen, Malaysia
Wei Hong Chen  

Concierge, Hilton International - Adelaide
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management)

"The two and half year management course I did at Le Cordon Bleu was lots of hard work with an intensive study schedule, but it was the greatest study experience I have ever had. From the basic, practical studies in Year 1, then stepping up to management studies in Year 2 and 3, all studies were related and useful to my current job."

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Catherine Jericho, Australia
Catherine Jericho  

Resort Conference and Banquets Coordinator, Voyages Ayers Rock Resort - Uluru
Alumna, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management)

"Studying at Le Cordon Bleu Australia has opened many doors for me within the Industry. Having the opportunity to do two industry placements while I was studying has helped me to reach the goals I set myself far quicker than I ever imagined. I got the chance to work in Port Douglas and also in the UK, without Le Cordon Bleu’s help I doubt I would have had these opportunities with other Colleges. After finishing my degree I was offered positions at my current company due to my experience within the Industry and my knowledge. This is an example of how well studying at Le Cordon Bleu prepares you for Industry."

Jeremy Sim, Singapore
Jeremy Sim  

Temasek Polytechnic Hospitality Lecturer
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

"The bachelor programs at Le Cordon Bleu are extremely practical and industry-linked. My internship at the restaurant of celebrity chef Cheong Liew was invaluable for my career and the contacts made certainly helped to open more doors and opportunities"

Mee Kyung Son, South Korea
Mee Kyung Son  

Guest Service Agent, Crowne Plaza - Auckland
Alumna, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel Management)

"I really enjoyed studying Hospitality and Tourism at high school and wanted to develop my skills in that area. I wanted a career that would allow me to travel the world – so Le cordon Bleu was the obvious choice. As part of my study I had the opportunity to work in Walt Disney World in Florida – this was the best experience!"

Yudai Kato, Japan
Yudai Kato  

Departmental Trainer, ‘Shiki’, Hyatt Regency - Adelaide
Alumnus, Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management)

"Studying at Le Cordon Bleu has helped me a lot in my career. I have applied the knowledge and skills that I have learnt at Le Cordon Bleu to my practical work. It really helps to make you different from the others. I have been working with people who have different qualifications in other majors and I know that the knowledge and skills gained from Le cordon Bleu really helps me to have a better understanding for the tasks I need to do"

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Last Updated 6 March 2014

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