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Gilles Company

Vol.1 February 2015
The Evolution of Sake : Applying it to Cooking

Discover a new world by savoring sake in a wine glass



Jean Francois Favy

Vol.2 March 2015
Discover Japan through Ingredients That Evoke the Feeling of the Four Seasons

Spring magic: "Hanami" is the art of admiring sakura



Manuel Robert

Vol.3 April 2015
Miso: A Surprisingly Versatile Staple

Miso is one of the country's most famous traditional ingredients



Dominique Gros

Vol.4 May 2015
Reinterpreting Japanese Flavours - Kombu

A Subtle Key to Japanese Cuisine



Hiroyuki Honda

Vol.5 June 2015
Shiso – the superstar of Japanese culinary herbs

Flavourful, Aromatic, and Medicinal



Katsutoshi Yokoyama

Vol.6 July 2015
An, the Cornerstone of Japanese Sweets

Reconstructing the Japanese An-pan



Stephane Reinat

Vol.7 August 2015
Wasabi, Not Just for Sushi

New Meets Old, East Meets West – Contemporary French



Yuji Toyonaga

Vol.8 September 2015
Kinako, Japanese praline

It has much possibility to widespread in the world



Guillaume Siegler

Vol.9 October 2015
Komeko, Perfect French Bread, Gluten-free Making Bread for Everyone

Great ingredient with a lot of possibilities



Guillaume Siegler

Vol.10 December 2015
Komezu, the Vinegar of Japanese Cooking

All-purpose Seasoning



Gilles Company

Vol.11 January 2016
Hida-Beef, a Different Kind of Beef

French Food with Japanese Subtlety