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Content: This lecture-style class will delve into chocolate, a special field in the discipline of French pastry. Learn about the history of chocolate, its production methods, and differences in flavour. Recognise the importance of cacao content contained within chocolate and the importance of emulsion when making chocolate ganache or mousse. By applying these principles and by experiencing how temperature and cacao content affects the state of chocolate, you will no longer be intimidated by this ingredient and become able to confidently make chocolate based pastries.
These classes are taught in lecture style

Date】Feb 4(Sat) 14:00-16:30(Japanese/English)

* For non-native English/Japanese speakers, we recommend at least basic English/Japanese comprehension skills.
* Furthermore, there will be no refunds provided in the event of absence and/or late arrival. Please note that class date cannot be changed. For further details, please refer to class terms & conditions.
* Please be reminded that this class may be cancelled if the number of the participants does not reach the required number.

Guidelines on the day of your class
 ・Reception: Open 30 minutes prior to class. Please check-in at least 10 minutes before class begins
 ・Things to bring: Materials for note taking.Camera are allowed ( No video and audio recording)


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