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The Wine and Management Programme trains the wine experts of the future (sommeliers, exporters, wine store owners…). The training programme is taught in our ultra-modern Institute, equipped with a professional room dedicated to studying and tasting wine.

Following the Wine and Management programme in France enables our students not only to assimilate oenology expertise but also to gain a deep understanding of French vineyards and the global winegrowing sector.

Where are the graduates now? Sommelier with Pierre Gagnaire or at the Tour d’Argent, sales development representative at Legrand wine store, certified trainer with the CIVB (Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux), wine store owner… Our graduates have gone on to have successful careers in diverse areas of the wine field. Read about their careers!

Wine and Management Programme graduates

  • Elsa Layen diplome vin management 2016

  • Diogo Veiga diplome vin management 2014

  • Guillaume Gondinet diplome vin management 2014

  • Radhika Puar diplome vin management 2014

  • Stéphane Lecenes diplome vin management 2013

  • Paula Moulton diplome vin management 2012

  • Amanda Thomson diplome vin management 2012

Olivia Lee talks about the Wine and Management Diploma and her student life:

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