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Why industry partner Carlos Heng hires our students

"We are a premium brand that needs premium students for our business and that’s why we engage Le Cordon Bleu students. They come with prior knowledge which means less explaining is required from me as a busy owner. I can just say “Make this!” and these students know exactly where to go with that."

Industry partner Carlos Heng, owner of MakMak Macarons in Sydney has specialised in creating gorgeous macarons for eight years. His innovative business is currently expanding, offering macaron making classes and adding chocolate chip cookies and tarts to its range. With the steady growth of his business Carlos has relied on Le Cordon Bleu to provide skilled and work-ready staff to assist in his operation. He says our pâtisserie students enter his business and hit the ground running - their high level of training ensures he doesn’t have to waste time explaining techniques.

As part of their programme, Le Cordon Bleu students undertake a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement - a collaborative effort between Le Cordon Bleu and industry partners to enhance student learning beyond the classroom. Participating in the Work Integrated Learning programme is an innovative way for businesses to contribute to industry, and by partnering with Le Cordon Bleu, create a workforce of the future.

Why industry partner Carlos Heng hires our students