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Safe & healthy environment
by strictly adhering to the SOPs

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Le Cordon Bleu Worldwide takes student and staff safety, health and well-being seriously. Especially so for the Institute in Malaysia when in the past months the Covid-19 Cases were rather high. We are aware and actively monitoring developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and keeping abreast with all advisory notices and recommendations from Malaysian health and education authorities issued from time-to-time.

Now that the Government had allowed the school to reopen for practical classes, we have been ensuring a sanitised and clean environment for our students to return. We had briefing sessions with all returning & new students to ensure SOP’s laid down are strictly adhered to when they return.

General Hygiene

Hand Hygiene

It is important to wash your hands often, especially before classes, before eating or preparing food; blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; after touching any skin lesions (“sores”) and wounds or clothing contaminated by drainage from lesions or wounds; and after using the toilet, shower and changing rooms (locker rooms). The best way to wash hands properly (for at least 20 seconds)

Premises Upkeep

In order to continue our education activities, all students are required to comply with special operating procedures when on campus.

Upon Arrival

We also practise the policy of “Taking Care of Each Other” to remind and encourage one another to play their role to keep the school safe and healthy.

Now that the Vaccination process had started in Malaysia, we look forward to the day where contacting Covid-19 will be a thing of the past and that we will put our focus on learning Culinary techniques and be ready to take the world by storm once things normalise. “ Kita Jaga Kita”

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