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How about joining gastronomy and sparkling wine with the best view of the wonderful city?

Come and join the wine event Vinho na Vila 2019 on May 25 at the sugar loaf and get amazed by Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro Special Show of "Sparkling Wine & Apéritifs"!

Our Chef Head of Cuisine João Paulo Frankenfeld and the Head Chef of Pâtisserie Philippe Brye prepared several tasting dishes with the sparkling Brazilian wine brand recently launched by Enologist Juciane Casagrande.

It will be a demonstration class of double harmonization where the dishes are scallops, risotto with prawns and pavlova! Places are limited, guarantee your entry:


In addition, Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro had the privilege to interview Juciane Casagrande to know better her new project in the world of winery!

Gastronomy and Viniculture go hand in hand from very remote times. The flavors of a dish ask for something that complements them and the wines and sparkling wines seem to be the ideal choice, either because of its complexity or because of its lightness and freshness.

We are passionate about harmony of flavors! Amitié left us in amazed. A light, innovative and Brazilian project from scratch!

Do you also like to harmonize a dish with a glass of wine or sparkling wine? Then read the interview below!

Tell us a little of your story, how did you get here today?

I started in oenology in 1995, when I went to college, were I got the higher degree in oenology in Brazil. From then on,  I dedicated myself to the world of wine, knowing the main wine regions, as well as constantly seeking to know and follow the evolution of the consumer's taste.

 What made you create this brand?

Joining forces with my partner, Andreia Gentilini Milan, who is a sommelier and founder of ABS in RS, and a great connoisseur of the wine market, we saw in the sparkling wines a great opportunity to develop a winning project, since the consumption grows year by year, and still we have much to explore.

"Amitié" what is the meaning behind this name?

The friendship, which is the translation into Portuguese, and also the feeling that unites us, and makes to toast always good moments. A strong brand with a French accent, which is our inspiration, in the sparkling world.

Why sparkling?

The market for sparkling wines in Brazil and worldwide has been growing. In Brazil we still consume little. They are about 24 million liters between imported and domestic, which represents around 100 ml percapita year. We see a potential for the great adaptation of the terroir, quality and recognition of Brazilian sparkling wines, both in Brazil and abroad.

How would you describe Brazilian taste in terms of wine?
It is a country with an incredible diversity of options both of national and imported and the consumer has been evolving consumer culture from year to year. We still have to grow a lot in the volumes because the general per capita consumption of fine wines and sparkling wines does not exceed 2 liters a year.

Do you consider that there is a quality offer of national products?

We have great products. In sparkling wines there is a much more homogeneous pattern, which makes this national and international recognition.

If you had to advise a dish or a context, what would you advise to accompany each of your sparkling wines?

The sparkling wines are very versatile and can accompany a meal from start to finish. In the salads and entrances, the Brut Amitié harmonizes very well, with seafood the Amitié Cuvée and the recognized Moscatel Amitié will always make a good company with desserts. This versatility of the sparkling wines, can accompany from a relaxed moment at the edge of the beach to a good feijoada.

Where can the public find their sparkling wines for sale?

In Rio de Janeiro, we start marketing a little, and we have it available at Wine Out. We will focus on selling in stores and restaurants.

Are there any surprises for this year? Anything new on the way? What is your focus for 2019?

We will launch in September a traditional method with 18 months of autolysis and we will seek to expand our sales, including the international market.