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Second Career For Veterans At Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

On April 1, 2018, the Government of Canada introduced the Education and Training Benefit (ETB) administrated by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). The ETB provides eligible veterans with funding to help them achieve their college, university or technical education goals.

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa's culinary diploma programmes are eligible to receive second career funding for Canadian Veterans. After their service, veterans can attend LCB Ottawa and train to become professional chefs. In the words of some our veteran students, the discipline and capabilities required to be successful in a kitchen is not so much different than what is asked for in the service.

Canadian Military Family magazine created a detailed article on a few different funding opportunities and interviewed our veteran students as well as Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa team to provide a path guide. If you are a veteran or you know a veteran who wants to transition to a different career, please feel free to read the full article or contact us for more information.

We also would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to our veteran students Jason, Frank and Josee for their service to this country and their contributions to the article.