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Sturgeon Farm Visit

sturgeon farm visit

Once we were allowed by the authorities to reopen school and have activities within their set SOPs we took the opportunity to bring our Superior students (graduating batch) for a very unique experience. – Malaysia very own tropical Sturgeon Farm* which had successfully rear 6 species out of 27 known species in the world. Situated in a 3.3 acres of land in Tanjung Malim just 45 minutes away from Central KL was the perfect spot for this gigantic fish.  The plan was to raise sturgeon fish for the local market. Against all odds, the fish that originates from cold weather, survived in the tropical weather.

What surprises the founder was the impossible happened about six years back, signs of caviar started appearing and are then harvested for local consumption and export.  Caviar is farmed from sturgeon fish. Labelled as "black gold", these shiny black fish eggs have a close association with Russia where, the Tsars were famous for consuming the luxurious item. Now, China has swooped up the crown as the biggest producer of caviar (in 2017, they produced 85 per cent of the world's caviar!). In Malaysia we have the only tropical Caviar harvested in the World.

Our students were given the chance to catch and hold  these fishes which weighs 4 kg and above. They were also able to learn how caviar is harvested and packed – under the brand name of T'lur Caviar. Everything is processed  in-house, from the harvesting to the preparation of the caviar, where it is cleaned and cooked with Himalaya salt (about 2.8 per cent).

Mr Chien Wei Ho (left) Founder of the sturgeon farm

The whole visit ended with tasting of the Sturgeon and Caviar. Chef Stephane Frelon was given a fillet of the Sturgeon where he smoked beforehand and brought it on site for tasting by the students. The art of tasting the caviar was shown by Mr Azman using a special mother of pearl caviar spoon. Freshly harvested caviar and pasteurised Caviar were presented to us for tasting. This was such a treat and we are certain this tour will be very memorable one for everyone who were present.

*study tour and visits are subject to additional charges

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