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Students Participate in Toast Martinborough

Strengthening industry ties.

Our Diploma students after a rewarding day.

On Sunday the 19th of November Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand students were given the opportunity to participate in New Zealand’s most esteemed wine and food festival, Toast Martinborough. The festival has been a pillar of the Wellington regions tourism industry for 31 years, the festival provides a platform for local vineyards to showcase their products and attract wine enthusiasts from around the world.

Diploma and Bachelor students assisted in kitchen operation and wine service. Our long-standing ties with Toast Martinborough provide an exceptional opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in a dynamic and vibrant culinary environment. The festival not only showcases the region's finest wines but also its luxury ingredients. Students can gain hands-on experience in preparing and presenting gourmet dishes, collaborating with local chefs, and interacting with visitors passionate about food and wine. This unique setting allows students to refine their culinary skills, expand their palate, and network with professionals in the industry. Moreover, being part of such a renowned event provides valuable exposure and the chance to contribute to the success of a large-scale festival, enhancing students' resumes and opening doors to potential future opportunities in the culinary and hospitality sector.

Our Bachelor students ready to serve.

We are grateful for Toast providing our students with this excellent opportunity and look forward to further participation in the coming years. 

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