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Student of the month
Razin Anwar Zafrullah Abbas


Razin Anwar Zafrullah Abbas, our superior cuisine student has been selected by our chef instructors as the student of the month for April.

When a student put his/her heart and mind in their studies they should be rightfully rewarded. We realized that going through our BIS programme is not an easy feat for anyone. It takes a lot of discipline, stamina and determination to learn and to succeed. For that, the institute decides to award a top student every month to recognize their hard work and to encourage them to do better.

This month our chefs had voted Razin Anwar Zafrullah Abbas from superior cuisine. His hard work paid off. We would like to say well done and we know that he will definitely succeed as a Chef. Congratulations!

rzin"My Experience studying in Le Cordon Bleu can be described this way; It’s very intensive and a lot of fun!”

Coming to Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia for the first time, I was a bit unsure of my ability to perform in an internationally recognised institution. However, with a lot of practice, prayer and support from my peers along with assistance from Chef Stéphane Frelon and Chef Sylvain Dubreau, I was able to find exactly where I stand in terms of my abilities.

In my final semester, I need to press on and not stop now. Bring on more challenges and I will succeed."