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Meet Student Satya Prasad

Programme Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Business

Name: Satya Prasad
Age: 19
Programme: Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Business
Home city and country: Hyderabad, India

Why did you choose to study with Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand?

I chose to study with Le Cordon Bleu for its world-renowned reputation and because it offers the Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Business degree programme. Not many places offer a business education with an emphasis on culinary arts.

How did you find your passion for the culinary arts?

I always knew I wanted to do a degree in culinary arts. I was inspired by TV shows like Master Chef and enjoyed cooking when I was younger, my mum encouraged my interest in the Culinary Arts which led to me enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand.

How does it feel to be back on campus?

I'm very happy to be back in New Zealand and back on campus resuming my studies, the Le Cordon Bleu team were great at supporting me with my online classes and making sure I was on track with everyone else.

Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Business cake decorating class.

How is your Quarantine experience? Do you have any tips for others coming over?

I stayed at the Novotel Hotel in Christchurch and the hospitality was awesome and my room was beautiful. My top tips for New Zealand MIQ stay would be to get lots of snacks for the hotel and keep enough clothes in your cabin bag as it takes a while for your check in luggage to arrive. Be prepared for your MIQ stay to be in any city too!

Satya shared images of a beautiful island resort in the Maldives he stayed in on his way to New Zealand and his MIQ room at the Novotel in Christchurch.

What are your culinary goals/dreams for the future?

I would like to work in the industry and one day own my own business once I have learned enough.

What is your top tip for someone coming to study in Wellington?

Be prepared for the wind in Wellington and a new culture of studying! India is more theory-based compared to New Zealand where each subject has a way of assessing you through each topic. Time flies and multitasking is really important if you plan to study and work at the same time.

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