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Royale - Celebration Dinner

The Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business students wowed guests at the Royale Celebration Dinner on 11th and 10th June 2022.

The Le Cordon Bleu 3rd year Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business students were charged with cooking a banquet for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II 70th Jubilee celebrations, and they exceeded the guests and lecturers expectation.

With the professional supervision of Chef Francis Motta, Chef Francis Boudet, and David Burton; the students championed the French culinary techniques by applying them to New Zealand produce, and adding the wow factor that is required when catering for a royal celebration.

The guests who were treated like Royals, were served canapes and an aperitif before being escorted to the Brasserie, banquet style.

The planning for the grand and well-executed event was supervised by Chef and Degree Lecturer, Anita Sarginson, who herself had a first-hand experience preparing the State Banquet for the Queen when she visited  New Zealand in 2002.

“It was wonderful to see all of the Degree students step up and play their part to make this event a success, whether it was crafting and perfecting the Matariki dessert, proposing the loyal toast, pouring champagne or wiggling the crown (jelly) jewels, everybody achieved their learning outcomes and engaged, cared for and enthralled our wonderful guests.”
Anita Sarginson, Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Degree Lecturer

The event was a perfect opportunity for the students to apply and showcase their knowledge of culinary applications and gastronomy.