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Rodolphe Cointreau appointed Chief Operating Officer, Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Graduations in Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne

Rodolphe Cointreau, (Interim) Chief Operating Officer, Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Le Cordon Bleu Australia is delighted to announce M. Rodolphe Cointreau has been appointed interim Chief Operating Officer of Le Cordon Bleu Australia. His past involvement with Le Cordon Bleu International has been instrumental in ensuring best practices are upheld throughout the company for the benefit of its students and partners.

For over a decade, Rodolphe has led a successful career in London in Asset Management, and brings a wealth of skills and expertise in investments, operations, systems, compliance and risk.

Having played an integral role in the design and development of the new Le Cordon Bleu Paris and London institutes (in 2016 and 2012), Rodolphe has a keen eye on the future potential of Le Cordon Bleu Australia.  

With a view to optimising our students’ experience, the Le Cordon Bleu Australia Institutes offer a wealth of opportunities to tap into.