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20-Hour Plant-Based Course  Is Opening This Month

in Ottawa!

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa is proud to announce the launch of a new Plant-Based Culinary Arts non-vocational 20-hour course starting at the end of October 2020.

This Plant-Based Culinary Arts course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive focus on satisfying, delicious and nutritious cuisines from across the world using fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, nuts, whole grains, stems, seeds, and natural oils. This all-encompassing course will cover the production of pastries and breads, and the use of a variety of oils and vinegars to create dressings; excluding the use of animal products, processed and refined foods, added sugar and artificial preservatives.

This Plant-Based non-vocational 20-hour course is designed to meet the growing demand for vegetarian and plant-based alternatives.

According to the beet.com “as the number of plant-based options expands around the world, Canada leads the way in people choosing to follow a plant-based diet, and companies such as Starbucks are responding by testing their new vegan products in Canada. While the UK is often seen as the country that has led the vegan movement, Canada is catching up fast, with more and more young people adopting the lifestyle in the effort to combat climate change. With more and more restaurants offering plant-based, meatless or vegan options, becoming a "sustainable" eater is increasingly convenient for Canadians. Wendy's has just announced they're launching a new plant-based burger called "The Plantiful" in Canada, to join the ranks of companies such as Starbucks, Beyond Meat and Dunkin Donuts who are also courting Canadians with meatless options.”

Stay tuned, will be announcing shortly exact dates and registration process for this 20-hour non-vocational Plant-Based course and other Gourmet & Short Courses that will take place from October to December 2020.