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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Welcomes New Technical Director Chef Thierry Le Baut


Chef Thierry Le Baut is a true master of culinary arts with 40+ years of experience as Executive Chef in Michelin starred restaurants, teacher and publisher. Energetic, passionate and charismatic; he is determined to pass on his knowledge to a new generation of chefs all around the world. Prior to being named as the Technical Director of Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, he had been the Executive Chef of Maison Francaise in Kuala Lumpur, Chef Instructor at LCB New Zealand and the founding Technical Director at LCB Philippines.

A devotee of culinary training beginning with high school, Le Baut holds a multitude of diverse specialties in hospitality industry like culinary management, production quality, world cuisine, pastry, menu creation, food critique and photography. He has trained under the most influential chefs in Europe including Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian who has 12 Michelin stars in total; 2 starred Casino Madrid and Francisca Torreblanca, the best pastry chef in Spain.

Chef Thierry Le Baut owns 3 restaurants and 1 pastry shop as well as regularly contributing to leading cuisine and pastry magazines. His participation in Pierre Taittinger awards and judge positions in many culinary competitions add to his fame as world-wide acclaimed master. He has the honor of preparing meals for Lady Diana, King of Spain and the Sultan of Malaysia.

Chef Le Baut is also an avid traveler: he loves discovering as much different cultures and cuisines as possible.

I have been trying to pick up all the best aspects of each campus I had the chance to train students at,  I will definitively make a synthesis of them all for Ottawa, to improve the learning experience here. All my international experience in Michelin star restaurants and luxurious pastry shops will help me to explain to the students how to get ready to work in different environments.