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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Chefs Contribute To The Virtual Baking Summit

The Virtual Baking Summit is LIVE! Videos from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa pastry chefs are online until the year's end with their exclusive recipes for you to learn, along with 40 other contributors from the professional pastry world.

Register now to get a FREE 4 DAY PASS to watch our Chefs Nicolas Belorgey, Yann Le Coz and Serge Martin with their exclusive recipes: Advanced Pistachio Viennoiserie – Boulangerie Techniques, Raspberry & Vanilla Tartlet – Basic Pâtisserie Techniques and Plant Base Chocolate Bonbon “Mont Blanc” - Advanced Molding Techniques.

There are over 40 videos from celebrated cookbook authors, pastry schools and dessert professionals in the Virtual Baking Summit and they will be accessible until the end of year. Most of the videos also include a downloadable recipe so you will have plenty of new adventures to try at home!

To visit the summit and begin your free 4 day pass, please visit bakingsummit.com