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Interview with new cuisine Chef
-Nicolas Chovelon-

At what point in your life did you realize that you would like to be a Chef?
My grandmother was an excellent cook and I learned how to cook with her. When I was ten, I waited every Sunday to see the recipes that came in the newspaper or the back of products to cook as well as helping at home on a daily basis. When I was 16, I started working as a waiter in my town, Nevers (France). The idea was to work in the hotel business, but life led me to gastronomy. My first job was at an Italian restaurant in Nevers, where I had the opportunity to take a course at Lenôtre. After that I was promoted to the position of Sous Chef. I keep in touch with the owners until today!
Why did you come to Brazil?
I worked in several hotels of the Club Med Brand, in Switzerland, in Portugal and in France. As you know, Club Med brings together people from all over the world, it's a company that has a huge cultural mix, and that's how I met my current wife. She worked as a receptionist and then was transfered to Angra dos Reis, Brazil. I missed her so much that I came to spend a season of 3 months and I fell in love the county.
What do you love the most about Brazil?
The beautiful vegetation, the weather and the people.
And why did you choose to be a teacher?

 I have a drawer at home where I write what I wish to happen to me. One of the dreams was to be a teacher. I think we must to show reality to students and time is one of the most important things in professional cooking.
What's your favorite dish?
Cuisine - Soupe à l'Oignon and boeuf bourguignon
Pâtisserie - Tart Fraisier
Biggest challenge?
I go where the wind takes me, slowly and always.
Tell me about your work experience.
Here are some of them: I spent five months working on the high seas, on the ship (Les Ponant Exploreses), where I met Chef Silvana Bianchi who helped me with many contacts here in Brazil;
I did several events, like Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Camarote Incentivo Brasil), for 14 thousand people;
In addition, I worked in the restaurants of Claude Troigois and Alessandro & Frederico. I did consulting on the other restaurants, such as Le Pulê and Canastra Bar…

Welcome, Chef!