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New Zealand Prime Minister Visits Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Campus

On the 23rd of August 2017, the New Zealand Prime Minister (PM), Bill English, visited Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Campus. The PM enjoyed a campus tour and had the opportunity to learn a few culinary skills from Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs.

The PM was welcomed by Chef Sebastien Lambert, Head Chef and Technical Director and Julie McGowan, Programme Director, at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand campus reception.

Chef Sebastien Lambert and Julie McGowan greeting New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Bill English

Soon after, the PM joined our Basic Pâtisserie students in the pastry demonstration kitchen where he was instantly impressed by the student’s technical ability. While the students explained the skills required to make an absolutely stunning pear tart, Bill English was more interested in hearing about their passion for the Culinary Arts. The Prime Minister especially enjoyed learning more about our international students, and why they chose to move to New Zealand. During his conversation with Ming-Shan Yeung from China, the PM was elated to hear how highly regarded the New Zealand education system is.

Nicola Willis, Prime Minister Bill English & Chef Sebastien Lambert in Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Kitchen

Natasha Gill-De-Araujo chatting to Prime Minister, Bill English

Ming-Shan Yeung, Prime Minister Bill English and Bomi Choi

Samantha May Price with Nicola Willis

The PM then moved to the Cuisine Demonstration Kitchen, where Chef Sebastien Lambert taught him how to whip up something a bit more fancy than ‘spaghetti pizza.’

Chef Sebastien Lambert teaching Prime Minister, Bill English how to roll pastry dough

After learning a few “tricks of the trade” the Prime Minster smiled and said “Why didn't someone tell me years ago?!”, which elicited laughter throughout the room.

Before he departed, he took the time to take a few photos with our aspiring young Chefs and Hospitality Managers.

Olivia McIntyre, Susanne Newton, Jingyu Tang, Prime Minister Bill English, Yuanyuan He, Kuo Li, En-Tzu Chang and Lisa Mead