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              Mulled Wine Recipe

              mulled wine recipe

              Beat those winter blues with an indulgent and festive cup of mulled wine. This recipe was passed down from Michael Arlukiewicz, Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Chef.


              Serves: 20 guests


              • 2 bottles of red wine
              • ½ bottle of Port
              • 1 cup of white rum
              • 1 cup of Cointreau
              • 3 lemons
              • 3 oranges
              • 4 tablespoons of honey
              • 3 coils of cinnamon
              • 4 star anise
              • 2 vanilla pods
              • 10 grams of coriander seeds
              • 10 grams of fennel seeds100 grams of Crystalized ginger (50 grams of fresh ginger)


              • Peel the lemon & orange skins and blanch in warm water for 10 seconds, then run under cold water.
              • Squeeze the juice out of the lemons & oranges then add into a large pot with the rest of the ingredients.
              • Leave under a very low heat (70-80 degrees) for around 10 minutes until the flavors blend.
              • Have a quick taste and serve, Voila.