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December 19th, 2019, Shanghai - a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Le Cordon Bleu International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd on December 19th, 2019 in Shanghai, paving way for a deeper relationship between France and China through cultural exchange.

With Le Cordon Bleu’s extensive knowledge of culinary excellence and Bright Dairy & Food’s leading edge in dairy products, both parties expect to collaborate in the fields of marketing, promotion and advertising of selected premium brand level of Bright Dairy’s dairy and dairy related products. 

Both Bright Dairy and Le Cordon Bleu are committed to the pursuit of excellence in food quality and are willing to promote the exchange of food culture between different countries. "’Let more people feel delicious and healthy happiness’ is the corporate vision of Bright Dairy,” Bright Dairy ’s Chairman Shaohua Pu said.

Bright Dairy & Food is excited to learn from Le Cordon Bleu’s expertise in culinary arts, especially in the area of baking.

Innovation is the driving force behind Bright Dairy & Food’s development, and Le Cordon Bleu is also a model of innovation and excellence. Bright Dairy & Food will work with Le Cordon Bleu in the development of Bright Dairy & Food's new products, with the aim to provide Chinese consumers with delicious and healthy happiness.

Le Cordon Bleu President, Mr Andre Cointreau, stated: “Le Cordon Bleu has long history with Shanghai, same as Bright Dairy who grow up with the Shanghai city. The love for food is the same tradition shared by Chinese and French people. LCB and Bright will work together to promote cultural exchange between China and France during the cooperation.”

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