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Mendiants Recipe


Milk chocolate                              150g

Gianduja/Hazelnut spread         35g

Almond                                          25g

Hazelnuts                                      25g

Candied orange peel                  15g

Pistachio nuts                               25g


          Preparing the toppings
  1. Toast the almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachio nuts in an oven. Set aside.
  2. Cut the candied orange peel in small pieces. Set aside.

    empering the milk chocolate
  3. Heat and melt ⅔ of the milk chocolate in a double-boiler.
  4. Use a digital thermometer to see that the temperature of the melted chocolate reaches 48°C. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  5. Add the remaining ⅓ of the milk chocolate into the melted chocolate, and stir until the temperature reads 28°C. Mix well.
  6. Reheat the milk chocolate mixture until it reaches 29°C, using the same double-boiler technique previously indicated.
  7. When the chocolate reaches 48°C, add the Gianduja.