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Meet new Adelaide master's program director, Deepak Sardana

MIHM Program Manager Deepak SardanaDeepak Sardana has been appointed program director for Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide's Master of International Hospitality Management (MIHM) degree. The program is delivered in partnership with the University of South Australia, allowing students to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in state-of-the-art facilities. We recently caught up with the academic leader and had a tour of the city-based campus.

Q: How long have you been MIHM’s program director?

A: I have been MIHM’s program director for almost eight months now. It has been a fascinating role, something which I am really enjoying.  

Q: Where were you working prior to this?

A: I joined UniSA Business in October 2019. Prior to that I had worked at Business Schools at UNSW and Griffith University.  


Q: So you’ve been in the education sector for quite some time then…

A: That’s right. I have more than 15 years of experience in the education industry. I did my PhD with the Australian National University and since then I have mostly been in the education industry.


Q: What does a day in your life look like?

A: The program director role is a multi-faceted one. In this role, I am responsible for the smooth delivery of the program, plus I handle student issues and oversee any administrative works relating to the program. Maintaining academic integrity of the program is also an important concern of the program director and something I take very seriously.

Above: MIHM students can take advantage of the many eateries located on campus, as well as a swimming pool, gym and other health and wellbeing facilities.

Q: What is so unique about the MIHM program?

A: The MIHM is quite a unique program that seeks to provide students with an international perspective on hospitality management. The hospitality industry is defined by both local and international contexts, and it is important for managers to have considered views of both contexts. This program broadens this contextual dimension from a strategic perspective, thus students are encouraged to make holistic and informed decisions. The program is also unique because of the partnership with UniSA, which is well-regarded as a university of enterprise in Australia, and Le Cordon Bleu, which is a well-known education provider in hospitality industry.


Q: Why should students study the MIHM?

A: The hospitality industry is witnessing a rebound post-COVID, so the industry outlook appears to be promising. MIHM seeks to develop strategic and international perspectives among students. In addition, the students gain practical exposure through their internships where they also have several opportunities to network with industry partners. So, overall the program sets up the students for a leadership position within the hospitality sector, and there’s simply no better way to do that than by studying the MIHM.

Above, left: one of the many MIHM lecture theatres and, right, open-plan study areas in the library.

Q: What career paths will it lead students down?

A: MIHM graduates can take on leadership roles just about anywhere in the hospitality sector. Those roles could be General Manager, Facility Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Revenue Manager, and Event Manager. The list goes on.

Q: Are there any positive changes you will be suggesting/making to enhance the program’s offering?

A: Program improvement is an ongoing process and will continue in future too. This year we have been focusing on authentic assessments and Work Integrated Learning, and we will continue to do so. Next year, we will evaluate the program structure more holistically, so as to maintain its competitiveness and also future-proof the program.

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