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Mastery in the Making podcast: Talking mental health and teaching perks

Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne chef Sebastian SimonIn Le Cordon Bleu Australia's latest podcast episode, culinary trainer and VET assessor Sebastian Simon opens up about his mental health struggles as a young chef and how he overcame a difficult period in his career.

Chef Sebastian offers a thought-provoking story of challenge and triumph. In the days where support and guidance were lacking in the kitchen, Chef Sebastian was subject to workplace bullying which led to a vicious cycle of him replicating and inflicting that same behaviour onto his own staff.

He says it was this experience that made him want to change the course of his future for the better. Now, as one of the many dedicated mentors at Le Cordon Bleu's Melbourne campus, his words of wisdom is uplifting future generations and their mindset when things get heated in the kitchen.

Also in this episode, he tells the inspiring story of how his consulting business and artisan salt label Lava Salt came to fruition, plus the humbling perks of being an educator at one of four Le Cordon Bleu schools in Australia.

His career has been nothing short of impressive and he delves into every aspect of it on Episode 9 of Mastery in the Making.

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