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wishes you a
Happy Chinese New Year


The coming Lunar new year of the Rabbit will be celebrated with lots of family gatherings for reunion dinners and giving away red packets (money packets) to both young and old. The celebration is not just for the Chinese but all races  who will join in visiting one another and to do the one “big” thing to usher the Lunar New Year---tossing “Yee Sang“.

yee sang
 “Yee Sang “--- It’s a Malaysian dish purportedly created by a gentleman from Seremban. Yee Sang translated to mean raw fish is a raw salad dish which can be root vegetable base (shredded carrots, white radish) or fruits such as mangos, apples, pears etc with a varieties of pickles, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds tossed in a sweet sour plum dressing. The traditional fish used as the raw fish are thinly sliced pieces of carp but throughout the years, salmon, tuna and abalone had been used. The “ Tossing” or mixing of the salad symbolises prosperity, good health, good relationships and can also sound out wishes of having a new baby or even finding a soulmate, good pay rise or bonuses.

Being celebrated on January 22 this year also sees the start of our new term on 16 January where new students also commence classes. Our wish for this new Lunar year is certainly that of bountiful students for the year as we slowly ease out of the pandemic which had prevented so many from being enrolled in our Diplôme de Cuisine, Diplôme de Pâtisserie & Diplôme de Boulangerie programs. We look forward to seeing more enrolments in our programs in this Lunar year of the Rabbit.