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Madrid students love Adelaide cultural exchange

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid exchange students from left to right: Lucia Garcia, Sofia Mier, Aitor Herrera, Andres Rojo

In January, Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide welcomed 7 Le Cordon Bleu Madrid students for a six-month student exchange programme.  Students enjoy customised programmes during their stay, with options to study Patisserie, Cuisine or Hotel Management.

About Lucia Garcia

A brief background

I arrived in Adelaide in January as part of the six-month exchange study programme between Le Cordon Bleu Australia and Madrid.

What do you study at home in Spain?

At Le Cordon Bleu Madrid I study a Bachelor’s degree Hotel Management & Gastronomy.

Why did you want to come to Australia?

It was an amazing opportunity to go abroad, practice the English language, and experience a different learning and teaching style.

What have you learned at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide?

In Adelaide, I’ve had the chance to learn patisserie and to work with chocolate in their custom training kitchen. I don’t have the opportunity to do this at home, so it’s very exciting to learn these special skills here.

What do you like about Australia?

I really like Australian people, they treat us so well, and make us feel very welcome. I don’t want to leave.

What have you learned at LCB Australia?

I’ve learned restaurant service in a practical setting, your training rooms are really well set up, we don’t study patisserie at home.

What is your career dream?

My dream is to own a small restaurant in Spain offering traditional Spanish food with a slightly modern twist. Since studying in Adelaide I’ve developed a passion for patisserie, we don’t learn it at home in Spain, so now I’d like to do something with pastry.

About Aitor Herrera

A brief background

I’m studying at Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide for 6 months, then I’m on to my industry placement in Melbourne. I’m really excited about having new experiences, meeting new people and learning new skills. The placement is with Lucas Group in the restaurant ‘Kong’ and I’ll be working as a chef.

What do you study at home in Spain?

At home I study a Bachelor’s degree Hotel Management & Gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid.

Why did you decide to do the intensive programme in Australia?

Studying in Australia is a great opportunity to improve my English, to visit a different part of the world, experience the multicultural cuisine and meet the people here.

What has been your best experience in Australia?

I love the Gold Coast! Brisbane has incredible natural beauty, and the people are really kind.

What is your career dream?

I want to work abroad as a Head Chef in leading hotels and restaurants in all the beautiful places in Europe such as Italy and France - then return home to Spain to open my own restaurant.