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Le Cordon Bleu London launches 100% Plant-Based programme

Le Cordon Bleu London are proud to announce the launch of a 100% Plant-Based programme. The Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts is designed to provide students with a comprehensive course focusing on satisfying, delicious and nutritious cuisines from across the world using fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, nuts, whole grains, stems, seeds, and natural oils. This will be a 3-month culinary diploma starting in January 2020, with another intake in June 2020. The course was designed to meet the growing demand for vegetarian and plant-based alternatives.

The diploma is perfectly suited for anyone who desires a profession in whole foods cookery. It will exclude the use of animal products, processed and refined foods, added sugar and artificial preservatives. This all-encompassing course will cover the production of pastries and breads, and the use of a variety of oils and vinegars to create dressings. It will also teach the students how to create non-dairy ice-creams, cheese and egg replacement. It will teach the specific use of different types of seaweeds, grains, leaves and microgreens and nut milks for sweet and savoury use.

Culinary Arts Director Chef Emil Minev: “Combining the growing demand for plant-based cooking with the culinary techniques that Le Cordon Bleu is renowned for, our chefs explore the different uses for plant-based ingredients, perfect for anyone who is interested in creating dishes from fresh produce and whole-foods.”

The UK is currently one of the world’s leaders in the plant-based sector, launching more meat-free, dairy-free products than any nation with the market value of £443m in 2018. Plant Based News report retailers predict plant-based diets will soon become mainstream. Le Cordon Bleu has identified the growing need for Chefs with the knowledge and skillset to create stunning dishes from vegetables and naturally grown produce.

Please visit the Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts page for more information about this course.