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London Plant-Based Culinary Arts Graduation May 2021

On 21st May Le Cordon Bleu London a special graduation ceremony for students who have completed our Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts in Term 1 2021. Due to timetabling restrictions as safety measures are still in place, a separate graduation took place for students of this course which allowed for social distancing guidelines to be followed, with only graduating students and teaching chefs present.

Everyone at Le Cordon Bleu London is extremely proud of the students who graduated in May from this innovative new course. We would like to thank them for their dedication during the past few months, which saw the course begin via online sessions before the full practical lessons could take place. The need for extra safety measures has been a challenge for students and staff alike, but these students have perserved through each challenge and completed the course successfully. The students who have graduated despite these unusual times have proven how dedicated and passionate they are for this ever-growing discipline, which is sure to play a crucial part in the future of the hospitality industry.

Chef Colin Westal led the proceedings, with the graduating student speaker delivering an inspiring speech to their fellow graduates. To offer their support for the graduates, students received special video messages from experienced chef Chris Galvin, Chef Patron at Galvin Restaurants and Le Cordon Bleu London alumna Olivia Burt, Head Chef at Stanley's Chelsea. The graduates were also able to enjoy a small socially distant reception following the ceremony.

The 2021 Term 1 graduates have made it through a very challenging year and are sure to take on future challenges with equal aplomb. Le Cordon Bleu London wishes them each a huge congratulations, welcomes them all to our international alumni network and offers them all the very best of luck, wherever their diploma next takes them.