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Le Cordon Bleu University obtains the institutional licensing from SUNEDU

The Superintendencia Nacional de Educacion Superior Universitaria SUNEDU (the National Superintendence of University Education) granted to the Le Cordon Bleu University, institutional licensing recognizing its educational quality in accordance to the new University law requirements.

The purpose of this law is to verify compliance with the Basic Quality Conditions as the existence of academic objectives, degrees, certifications and curricula, lines of investigation, qualified teachers, adequate infrastructure and equipment, labor insertion mechanisms, among others, which universities must keep confirming superior quality education.

Once with the licensing, the educational offer of the University increases from 4 to 7 careers and 2 masters to continue training leading professionals in hospitality and services in addition to food sciences and business administration sciences.

With this recognition it will continue to train highly qualified professionals, capable of contributing to the development of the business, gastronomic, tourism and food sectors to generate a positive change within the different problems that occur in the country.