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New Diploma in Pâtisserie Innovation and Wellness


Le Cordon Bleu Paris Institute is delighted to announce the launch of a new training programme, the Diploma in Patisserie Innovation and Wellness. It has been specially designed for experienced pastry Chefs and students who are keen to increase their knowledge in the art of pastry, with emphasis on nutritional well-being, innovation, and creativity.

The food industry is actively encouraging individuals to adopt a balanced lifestyle, which motivates professionals to advocate and produce nourishing and healthy products, without sacrificing delicious and creative flavours. Le Cordon Bleu has developed this diploma to meet the ever-increasing demands of those in search of healthy, delicious, innovative, and light pastries.

The Diploma in Patisserie Innovation and Wellness enables students to develop new pastry concepts, using a wide range of ingredients and techniques, by reinterpreting classic recipes. Students also examine pastry techniques to meet all types of dietary requirements, whether an allergy or a lifestyle choice, without compromising on quality.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute pastry Chefs, along with experts in the field of nutrition, teach students the different ways of working with alternative ingredients to produce top quality desserts. They will discover recipes which are gluten, sugar, and egg free, vegetarian, and vegan. This enables students to develop their creativity and try innovative recipes using new ingredients whilst employing good nutritional practices.

This 3-month training programme, for which professional pastry experience is required, represents an ideal opportunity for Pastry Diploma graduates who are keen to further their education.


This new full-time 3-month programme will begin in July 2021.

For further details about the Diploma in Patisserie Innovation and Wellness: here